Thursday, March 12, 2015

PROWESS Trailblazers

I stumbled upon this very cool program/opportunity.

The AAPG PROWESS Committee has a subcommittee, Pioneer AAPG Women, dedicated to honoring pioneering women of the energy industry. They are planning a special publication and session at the 2017 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition. If you have information to share about a woman trailblazer in the industry or are interested to help build the program, their committee page has contacts and the means to express your interest.
This will be a great program! Don't hesitate to share.

For those of you unfamiliar with all the acronyms, AAPG is the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and PROWESS is the Professional Women in Earth Sciences committee.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Resolve to get Involved

As you can see by my blog archive it has been a while since my last post. 2012? Wow. I don't know what happened to 2013 and 2014, and we're already 3 months into 2015. All I can say is time flies when you are having fun...or maybe just working too hard.

While I haven't been actively posting, I have been thinking about posting. If that counts for anything. I ponder what contribution I can make to the geo-blogosphere, that I could maintain without worry I might violate a non-disclosure agreement or risk being completely redundant with other blog works the other fine bloggers are sharing. What is my passion and is it worth sharing?

Funny how things can be right in front of your face, but we somehow seem to miss it. My professional career has been punctuated and enhanced by the volunteer work and outreach opportunities that I've stumbled into. Taking a step back to evaluate myself it becomes clear my passion is to volunteer, advocate, and to be an ambassador for volunteering, advocating, and ambassadorizing. Is that even a word? Ha ha. It is now.

With this newly realized perspective, I plan to adjust my focus on this blog. I will likely use it to more prominently share the opportunities and experiences that I come across in my various adventures in industry societies, non-profits, and special-interest groups. I reserve the right to share other random musings in this space, but I will try to keep in mind that the audience has a geology interest. The name of the blog, after all, is Eat. Sleep. Geology.