Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Props to the Geo-Blogs

Since I am a newbie blogger, I figured I'd do a little research on the other geo-blogs on the www. I must admit I was very surprised to find so many already out there. I'm not sure why I'm surprised...maybe because I just never came across any of them until I started looking.

As a result of this endeavor, you will now find a list of "Other Geo-Related Blogs" at the right side of the screen. I've found these to be entertaining, informative, and diverse in their coverage of geology and related topics. Take a field trip of your own and check them out. Perhaps you'll end up like me, now following a horde of various blogs, tweets, and RSS feeds. I'm expecting to be buried under more information than I can handle. But I love it! I would be delighted to continue adding to the list, so if there are any suggestions, please let me know!

In my search, I stumbled across a few topics in other blogs that peaked my interest. These include a discussion regarding the usefulness (or not) of the iPhone and its apps for field work. Check out the blog at Highly Allochthonous to participate in the discussion. Pretty interesting stuff! There was also a mention of the USGS earthquake hazards program and reports regarding North Korean nuclear activity on the Adventures in the world of Geology blog. Seeing as my family is planning a trip to Hawaii soon, this was of particular interest. I also found several meme lists to be entertaining and enlightening (such as 10 Things Every Geologist Should Know). (In case you are unfamiliar with a meme list, it is well-defined at The Daily Meme.)

I hope that in the coming weeks I am able to contribute something of value to the community of geo-bloggers. Let me know if you come across something of interest to share!

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