Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Geology TX - new GIS app for the iPhone

Map image courtesy of the USGS

The iPhone app store, to me, is like a candy store and I'm a sweet-toothed candy fanatic given the keys to the candy vault.

Thanks to companies like Integrity Logic, we can have our paperless geologic maps customized and accessible through a few flicks of our fingertips. Integrity Logic recently released Geology TX, their second GIS-based application for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms -- the first being Geology CA. While the app does not require access to a mobile network for it to work, having access is an added bonus -- the device's GPS capabilities can pinpoint where you are on the map in real time.

The application includes a number of data layers, including the USGS geologic map, outlines for state, county, and quadrangle boundaries, cities, roads, active mines/quarries, available K/Ar ages, active and ancient faults, and more. Like traditional GIS systems, the application allows the layers to be turned on/off in any combination.

I'm curious to hear some feedback regarding the app. If you happen to try it out, swing by and leave a comment!

Edit 8/16/09 - Swung by the App Store and noticed that Integrity Logic has released new maps for Geology NY. The application follows the concept of Geology CA and Geology TX, with interactive GIS map layers and geologic information for the state of New York. Now the east coast, west coast, and Gulf coasts are represented. Looking forward to filling in the gaps. 3 down, 47 more to go!

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