Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crazy Time of Year

Work schedules are demanding for me this time of year. The holidays are supposed to be a time to enjoy family and friends and the many blessings granted unto us. But I find it difficult to enjoy the time with deadlines looming, reports needing to be written, presentations that need to be prepared and presented. I break out in a cold sweat knowing that there's a stretch of a number of days longer than a weekend where progress won't be made on a project, and the deadline is hard set. I must be a total work-a-holic, because I can't seem to stop thinking about schedules and budgets and technical details that still need to be worked out and communicated.

I do have a great vacation coming up. The Rock Boat. Not a geological offshore field excursion, but rather an amazing floating music festival onboard a Carnival cruiseliner. Privately chartered by Sixthman, hosted by the band Sister Hazel, the cruise is a four-night non-stop musical journey. Port stop this year in Cozumel is just an added bonus. I need this vacation. I need to free myself from the all-consuming office politics and project particulars. I need to get in touch with the fun things in life and the joy that comes with listening to great live music. I need to stand in line at the buffet standing next to the guitarist of that awesome band. I need to chill on the couch at 3am listening to the impromptu jam session taking place with members of 4 different bands I saw performing earlier that day. I need the camaraderie of other totally obsessed music addicts. I'm sooo looking forward to January.

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the upcoming holiday season. I wish you peace of mind in all your work/school efforts. Make sure you take time for yourself!

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